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Burstek Web Extra Report

Litigation, Regulation, Compliance, Security, and Productivity present major challenges in today's Web enabled environment when network abuse is increasing at an alarming rate. Organizational exposure is greater than ever so you need a proven technology against all emerging threats.

The Internet is very dynamic changing from second to second; new sites are added, old sites are removed. It's imperative that your Control List is both as relevant and accurate as possible.

No Control List is 100%, however, realizing that major decisions are often made on LogAnalyzer reports, Burstek is committed to making it as accurate and up to date as possible by utilizing proprietary technology and a dedicated team of Control List technicians. Another invaluable method is customer input. We have designed a Web Extra report which identifies uncategorized Web activity. It's safe - no proprietary information is released from your company. Our Control List technicians will review all Web Extras and make necessary changes/updates to the URL database immediately. Daily uploads are available for our customers.

Localize your Control List and run a Web Extra report.

Web Extra Instructions for LogAnalyzer 6:

  1. Download a new Control List and run a Web Extra report.
  2. Review the top sites - typically they are (1) intranet or (2) local news, etc.
  3. Populate the already created intranet and local categories by entering the appropriate masks.
  4. Lastly run a second Web Extra report and forward to sites@burstek.com for review and categorization. This is a free service - only URLs are forwarded, no proprietary information.

Web Extra Instructions for LogAnalyzer SE™:

  1. Make sure your email server details are set up. This is found by clicking 'Settings', choosing 'Properties', then clicking on the 'E-Mail Options' tab.
  2. Update the Control List. We recommend setting this to update automatically everyday on the 'Automatic Updates' tab for accurate reports.
  3. Click on 'Reports' in the left frame and select 'Web Extra' from the list of reports. Click on the 'Properties' icon for this report on the far right.
  4. On the 'Customize' tab, click 'Edit' under 'Date/Time' and select the desired time interval. 'Prior Week' is suggested. Click 'Apply' then 'OK'.
  5. On the 'Schedule' tab, set the 'Start Report Generation' date, time, and 'Recurrence Schema' you prefer. We suggest 'Generate Weekly' on any day of the week you prefer.
  6. On the 'Distribution' tab, make sure 'HTML' is selected under 'Email Format', and in the left frame under 'Report Recipients', click 'New Recipient'. Enter sites@burstek.com, and click OK.
  7. Run a category lookup on the site/page that you would like to see excluded from the report. The site/page should be categorized as your newly created category only. If it is categorized under anything else, exclude it from the other categories and re-categorize.
  8. Click Apply. The Web Extra report will run automatically at the time specified and emailed directly to our Control List department.
    NOTE: Downloading the new Control List will not change the categorization of the previously loaded logs. However, any uncategorized data will be categorized by the new Control List. Change the default settings to re-categorize ALL data with the new Control List.