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Burstek offers an aggressive education program designed to meet the diverse needs of parents, students, teachers and administrators.

Download Educational Case Study Tunnel Web sites are sites specifically designed to help Internet surfers get around filtering tools to access whatever they want on the Web, from Facebook to pornography. Their rapid growth is prolific and they present an especially serious problem for educational organizations because of their popularity among Internet savvy young people, who are constantly motivated by the age-old challenge of "getting around the system."

Of course, not all inappropriate access is intentional, which is why a vital learning tool like the Web can also be a dangerous place for children. In addition to curious minds, a mis-key or mis-click can quickly lead to the wrong places if unfiltered.

Burstek understands and shares the commitment to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. Many schools and libraries count on Burstek to provide advanced Internet security solutions that are easy, affordable and flexible.


Burstek addresses today's school challenges by:

  1. Ensuring student safety on the Internet
  2. Blocking inappropriate content from ever entering the classroom
  3. Providing an advanced Internet security solution at minimal cost
  4. Enforcing Internet Use Policy
  5. Complying with Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
  6. E-Rate Qualified
    E-Rate SPIN #: 143021325

Burstek combines two robust solutions, WebFilter and LogAnalyzer designed to deliver Web security and optimize compliance and protection.

  • WebFilter blocks access to inappropriate or harmful sites by minors ensuring CIPA compliance . XXX, Extreme & Violence, Hate Speech, etc.
  • LogAnalyzer goes beyond CIPA requirements by reporting Internet access by minors and adults
  • Monitor Internet activity by user, workstation, group, category, etc.
  • WebFilter's URL database is updated daily and delivers 60+ predefined categories
  • Active Directory integration
  • Support for multiple YES/White lists to customize secure access for different grade levels
  • WebFilter plugs in to the ISA server or operates as its own proxy server

See why schools and universities across the globe trust Burstek with their Internet security.

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