Burstek Resource Center

Burstek is committed to protecting our clients' networks and their people, and helping them improve productivity and reduce legal liability. Protect your business or school by blocking user access to inappropriate Web content.

Effective Effective Internet Management

A detailed report on the effects of Internet Management on the enterprise.

Formulating Formulating an Acceptable Internet Use Policy

How to put together a comprehensive and workable Internet AUP for your enterprise.

Legal Liability Legal Liabilities of Employee Internet Use

Expert review of some of the legal issues raised by employee access to the Internet on company-owned computer networks.

What Is What is Internet Security?

Many companies today market their products with "Internet Security" on the cover and claim that if you just buy their product, it will solve all of your computer security needs.

Internet Access Internet Access Policies

As you know, there is never sufficient security for web-enabled environments and business challenges abound. Custom Access Policies are an important feature of WebFilter.

SEC Security and Exchange Commission

Justifies the Need for URL Filtering and Reporting.

Josuda Corp Josuda Corporation

Stops employees from abusing streaming media.

Jordan-Elbridge Jordan-Elbridge
Central School District

bt-iSuite solves the problem of students accessing anonymous proxy and tunneling sites.

Utility Engineering Utility Engineering

bt-Enterprise protects UE's enterprise and employees in multiple ISA server remote locations with network reporting.