Proxy Server Supported Logs:

- Forefront TMG
- Microsoft ISA Server 2000-2006 W3C and MSDE (ISA)
- bt-WebFilter
- SonicWall
- Watchguard
- Squid Cache
- Bluecoat
- Ironport
- IPlanet Proxy Log Files
- Netscape Proxy Log Files and many more

In a perfect world there would be no need to track employee Web usage. It's not a perfect world. So, for today's world filled with malicious code, illegal file sharing, spyware, adware, hacking, cracking, and Phishing, there has to be a serious solution: bt-LogAnalyzer from Burstek.

Burstek's bt-LogAnalyzer is Web log analysis software that offers comprehensive reporting in a concise format. As a core component of Burstek's Enterprise suite of products, bt-LogAnalyzer provides the level of security insight and Internet log analysis necessary to make informed decisions about deployment, use and protection of a company's Internet and Email resources, and how to optimize these vital resources for maximum business benefit.

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How bt-LogAnalyzer works:

bt-LogAnalyzer reads Internet logs for all outbound Web activity and generates categorized graphical and numerical Web usage reports that either detail or highlight all Web usage within an organization. These reports may be customized for individuals, departments or Organizational Units, enabling individual managers to generate desired Internet usage reports under secure conditions. Managers enjoy the convenience, efficiency and expediency bt-LogAnalyzer brings to their busy day by enabling them to view a detailed "Enterprise Summary" report of Web usage only for their department - without having to plow through a stack of paper.

LogAnalyzer Features:

  • Active Directory integration: Integrates with users, groups, and computers.
  • Distributed & Aggregated processing
  • Schedule automatic report generation and distribution.
  • Control List: bt-LogAnalyzer contains a continually updated master database of URL's. Our Control List Technicians do the analysis so you don't have to waste valuable time defining web content.
  • Web Usage Reports on complex Business Units

Sample Reports:

Product Comparison Chart

Feature LogAnalyzer 6 LogAnalyzer SE™
Distributed Report Processing Check Mark Check Mark
Report Emailing Functionality Check Mark Check Mark
Microsoft SQL Database Utilization Check Mark
Web Interface Report Configuration Only Check Mark
MMC Remote Administration Check Mark
Control List Category Implementation Check Mark Check Mark
Active Directory Integration Check Mark Check Mark
Customizable Automatic Control List Updates Check Mark Check Mark
64-bit Installer Check Mark
64-bit Compatible Check Mark Check Mark
Windows 7 Compatible Check Mark Check Mark
Windows Server 2008 R2 Compatible Check Mark Check Mark
Exchange 2007/2010 Log Support Check Mark
SonicWALL Log Support Check Mark
WatchGuard v10/v11 Log Support Check Mark
Custom Log Support Check Mark
Read ISA/TMG SQL Express Logs Remotely Check Mark

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