Burstek WebFilter Standalone Proxy or Burstek WebFilter for ISA/TMG

As the only Internet filtering application designed exclusively and specifically for Microsoft server technology, bt-WebFilter offers robust functionality with an intuitive installation & interface. Utilizing Active Directory, the application architecture integrates completely with the Windows network, eliminating massive settings updates each time a user is added or changed. This total & seamless integration allows for complete process automation.

Burstek WebFilter can secure your information, reduce bandwidth costs, and keep individuals from accessing inappropriate or irrelevant information on the internet. With bt-WebFilter, your organization will have Internet filtering without an investment in additional hardware.

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Features & Benefits:

Burstek WebFilter's Features

  • Active Directory support
  • Over 60 predefined categories
  • Replication - keep multiple servers in sync
  • Time-of-day blocking
  • Day-of-week blocking
  • Monitor online users in real-time
  • Bandwidth-used quota management
  • MMC Remote Administration
  • Customizable 'redirect pages'
  • Automatic updates of the Control List - daily
  • Unlimited user-defined custom categories
  • User-defined list exemptions
  • Multi-threaded for superior performance
  • URL Whitelists allowing administrator to designate certain URLS to be excluded from all filtering operations (including licensing)
  • URL/IP Whitelists allowing the administrator to designate certain users and/or IP addresses to be excluded from any filtering or license count operations

Burstek WebFilter's Benefits

  • Automatic Internet access management
  • Block inappropriate Internet access
  • Optimize your network resources by limiting online shopping and sports updates by bandwidth or time-of-day
  • Increase productivity by effectively allowing business use of the Internet while reducing recreational surfing
  • True Active Directory integration - automatically recognizes domains, groups, organizational units and users
  • Replication - keep multiple servers in sync with automatic replication of policies, schedules, quotas, changes to AD, and URL Control List updates
  • Scalable - from 25 users to over 50,000 users

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, and
Microsoft Windows 7

Architecture: 32-bit, 64-bit

Product Comparison Chart

Feature WebFilter Standalone WebFilter Plugin (ISA/TMG)
Includes HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Check Mark
Integrates with ISA/TMG Check Mark
NTLM Authentication Check Mark Controlled by ISA/TMG
Proxy Logs Check Mark Generated by ISA/TMG
Filter Logs (Blocked Web Access) Check Mark Check Mark
URL Filtering Check Mark Check Mark
URL Category Implementation Check Mark Check Mark
Quota Implementation Check Mark Check Mark
Active Directory Integration Check Mark Check Mark
Schedule Implementation Check Mark Check Mark
Replication Check Mark Check Mark
Customizable Redirect Pages Check Mark Check Mark
Customizable Automatic Control List Updates Check Mark Check Mark
MMC Remote Administration Check Mark Check Mark
64-bit Compatible Check Mark Check Mark
Windows 7 Compatible Check Mark Check Mark
Windows Server 2008 R2 Compatible Check Mark Check Mark