How To: Control CPU Utilization

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How do I control CPU utilization?

bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ makes use of multi-core CPU resources, but if needed, the number of threads created can be reduced to free resources for other applications on the server.

By default, bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ creates as many categorization threads utilizing as many CPU cores as are installed on the machine. For instance, for a machine having a single Intel Core2 Quad (4 cores) CPU installed, bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ will create four (4) categorization threads so all CPU computing power will be utilized for categorization.

You may limit the number of categorization threads by setting the BurstTechnology.LogAnalyzerEE.DataCategorizer.MaxThreadCount parameter to 3 in the LAEEAppSettings.config file. This parameter determines maximum number of categorization threads created and used by bt-LogAnalyzer SE™. This will limit LA7 to using no more than 75% of total CPU computing power for the log data categorization.

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