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bt-WebFilter is an Internet URL Management application that can be used to help ensure that your employees are adhering to your company’s Acceptable Use Policies for internet access. This can be done by controlling bandwidth usage through the use of Quotas and Schedules as well as Custom Access Policies assigned to users, groups, and/or IPs. bt-WebFilter helps ensure that not only are high value network resources are available during production work hours but can also help protect you from possible legal issues resulting from employee access to illegal Web Sites.

bt-WebFilter can be used as a stand-alone Internet proxy with URL Management capabilities or it can be used as strictly an add-on to your existing ISA or TMG environment. When installed as an add-on for ISA/TMG, you maintain Microsoft’s Firewall and Proxy service and compliment it with Burstek’s URL Control List, Access Rules, Quotas, Schedules, and Access Policies providing you with enhanced Web Site traffic management capabilities.

The Burstek bt-WebFilter application allows administrators to:

  • Control access to Web Categories or web sites for all members of a Windows Active Directory environment
  • Create custom Categories and Access Policies unique for your organization
  • Utilize Quotas to control the amount of time and/or bandwidth that users can access non-business related sites or overall web usage
  • Utilize Schedules to state when specific Access Policies should be in effect.
  • Create multiple Access Policies for individual Active Directory users and/or groups (including IP addresses).
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