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Beginning with version 4.50.36 of bt-WebFilter, it is now possible to exclude URLs from being acted upon by the filter. This feature effectively bypasses the Proxy/Filter should the need arise.

To Add a Web Site to the URL Whitelist

  1. Right-click on the bt-WebFilter container object in the bt-WebFilter Management Console and select ‘Properties.’ (Alternatively, you can select the ‘bt-WebFilter’ container object and then select the ‘Properties’ option from the ‘Action’ menu of the Management Console.)

  2. Click the ‘URL Whitelist’ tab

  3. Click ‘Add’

  4. enter the URL or a URL Mask in the field provided.

    1. To input multiple URLs, separate with a semicolon (;)

    2. Enter SSL (HTTPS) URLs with the port number at the end: www.securesite.com:443

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