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Category List

Yellow square small.png Ads/Banners - Advertisements and banners that appear on web pages.

Red square small.png Anonymizers - Anonymous web browsing through tunneling/circumventor web pages, any service that creates URL's which can be used to bypass the filter/proxy.

Green square small.png Burstek - Burstek web page.

Green square small.png Business Services - Organizations and firms which provide consulting or other business related services.

Red square small.png Chat - Web pages where users can communicate in real time: Chat Avenue, Talk City, Meebo, etc.

Green square small.png Communications - Web pages related to cellular and land-based telephone providers & communications, plus all related services: AT&T, Sprint, Vonage, MagicJack, Verizon, Vodafone, etc.

Green square small.png Computer/Internet - Computer and Internet related URLs: software companies, Internet Service Providers, computer hardware suppliers, news magazines focused on the computer industry, etc.

Yellow square small.png Content Delivery Servers - Commercial servers dedicated to hosting and delivering a variety of content on behalf of subscribers – applications, images, media files, and other resource-intensive content.

Red square small.png Criminal Skills - Web pages related to criminal or corrupt activities, information, instruction, or advice; identity theft, cheating, burglary, bomb-making, etc.

Red square small.png Cults & Occult - Web pages related to cults or the occult; all cults, Satanism, etc.

Green square small.png Dining/Restaurants - Fast food, casual dining, cafés, and other eateries.

Yellow square small.png Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco - Web pages related to the purchase and use of illegal or recreational drugs (marijuana, cocaine, LSD, etc.), paraphernalia, alcoholic products (beer, wine, etc.), and tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.).

Green square small.png Education - Web pages related to educational and instructional activities including educational facilities, learning organizations, study guides, training, etc.

Yellow square small.png Email - Online or web-based mail and forwarding services; Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

Yellow square small.png Entertainment - Web pages related to broadcasting, music, television, movies; magazines or newspapers that focus on the entertainment industry.

Red square small.png Extreme & Violence - Web pages that depict or promote violence, gore, or extreme obscenity; explicit death scenes, rape, bondage, bestiality, etc.

Red square small.png File Sharing - Web pages providing instructions, files, directories, links, software, or servers for peer-to-peer file sharing. Also included are any web pages related solely to uploading and downloading files from/to personal computers.

Yellow square small.png File Types - Includes EXE, ZIP, TAR, GZ, AVI, MPEG, etc.

Green square small.png Financial - Banks, stock exchanges, brokers, financial/investment news organizations and other financial services or information.

Yellow square small.png Forums/Discussions - Web pages dedicated to allowing users to read and respond to other people's messages regarding a specific topic: Big Boards, Photo Forum, ProBoards, etc.

Yellow square small.png Free-Hosted Sites - Web pages that contain a variety of content such as blogs, videos, forums, etc. as well as personal web pages not specific to any other categories.

Red square small.png Gambling - Web pages related to casinos, gambling, lottery, placing online bets, sports betting, advisory services, etc. Gambling assumes the exchange of money and/or goods.

Yellow square small.png Games - Web pages related to games and other game related information: computer games, video games, online games, software companies specializing solely in games, etc.

Green square small.png General News - Newspapers, magazines, online news, etc.

Green square small.png Government - Law enforcement, federal, state and local government organizations excluding military web pages.

Yellow square small.png Graphics/Apps/Personalization - Web pages related to desktop, mobile phone & application customization: ringtones, emoticons, cursors, fonts, widgets, themes/templates, browser and site add-ons, browser plug-ins, clipart, skins, desktop and mobile wallpapers, URL shorteners/short URL re-directing services, etc.

Red square small.png Hacking - Web pages related to the skills, tactics and detailed knowledge of bypassing the security mechanisms of an information system, network, or program: warez, phishing, password cracks, keygens, cracking, phreaking, etc.

Red square small.png Hate Speech - Web pages containing bigoted speech or visual depictions intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudice against a person or group.

Green square small.png Health/Medicine - Web pages related to medical providers and facilities, health information, health articles, health tips, online advice for healthy living, etc.

Yellow square small.png Humor - Joke, parody, and other comical web pages not including adult/mature humor.

Green square small.png Industry/Business - Commercial and professional enterprises, firms, and associations not specific to any of the other categories: manufacturing, fabrication, construction, oil companies, alternate energy, forestry, agriculture, etc.

Blue square small.png Intranet - IP addresses allocated for private intranets as defined in ISOC RFC 1918. This category is for private use and should be populated by company administrators with specific intranet IP addresses and web pages.

Yellow square small.png Job Search - Web pages related to employment and career enhancement: job placement services, resume information, recruiting, employment resources, etc.

Green square small.png Legal/Insurance - Web pages related to the legal or insurance industries: attorneys, legal aide, laws and statute information, health, mortgage, auto, and life insurance information and providers, etc.

Blue square small.png Local - This category is solely for private use. It should be populated by company administrators with web pages applicable to your local area: local news, weather, events, etc.

Red square small.png Malicious Code - Code or software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent: trojans, security exploits, virus code, worms, etc.

Green square small.png Marketing - Web pages related to the promotion and branding of products and services: advertising agencies, marketing organizations, marketing research, literature, etc.

Yellow square small.png Mature - Web pages with content intended for and/or appropriate for adults only and does not fall into one of the other categories. Includes adult humor and artistic/non-sexual nudity, etc.

Green square small.png Military - Domestic and foreign official military web pages: Air Force, Army, Navy, etc.

Yellow square small.png News Groups - Web pages that provide access to news groups and uploaded files from news groups.

Green square small.png Non-Profit Organizations - Non-profit and philanthropic organizations not included in one of the other categories: Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, etc.

Yellow square small.png Online Storage - Web pages providing storage for business/personal files online in order to share, edit, backup, recover or retrieve files, via web browser: Mozy, Carbonite, MyOtherDrive, etc.

Red square small.png Personals/Dating - Web pages related to dating and courting: personal ads, singles groups, dating services, dating advice, mail order brides, etc.

Green square small.png Political - Web pages related to politics, political commentary and analysis; candidate web pages, political blogs, political organizations and discussion groups, etc.

Red square small.png Popups - Multiple or single web pages that are automatically opened within other web pages.

Green square small.png Real Estate - Web pages related to realty, real estate services and information; residential and commercial property sales, real estate agents, etc.

Green square small.png Religion - Web pages related to organized religions: churches, discussion groups, literature, etc.

Red square small.png Remote Access - Web pages that give users the ability to remotely access private computers or networks outside the company: LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, BeAnywhere, etc.

Green square small.png Search - Search engines, search directories, portals: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, etc.

Yellow square small.png Shopping - Web pages related to searching for or buying goods or services: online merchandise sales, auctions, classifieds, price comparisons, etc. May include brick and mortar companies.

Red square small.png Social Networking - Web pages related to building online communities who share interests or activities: MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Bebo, Webshots, Nexopia, Orkut, etc.

Yellow square small.png Sports - Web pages related to all sports: football, archery, racing, hunting, soccer, etc. May include sports scores, news, debates and merchandise, etc.

Red square small.png Spyware/Adware - Dialers, hijackers, spybots, keyloggers, drive-by downloads, etc. or anything that collects data from the user's computer without the user's informed consent.

Yellow square small.png Streaming Media Audio - Web pages related to delivering an audio signal to your computer over the internet: Shoutcast, radio station listen live, etc.

Yellow square small.png Streaming Media Video - Web pages related to delivering a video signal to your computer over the internet: Youtube, Hulu, Google Video, etc.

Yellow square small.png Temporary Parking - Park pages, placeholders, web pages reported or suspected of containing potentially damaging content and web pages that cannot be clearly defined until the content can be verified and a clear determination made.

Green square small.png Transportation/Shipping - Web pages related to the moving of freight or people from one location to another: railroads, trucking companies, taxis, buses, DHL, UPS, etc.

Green square small.png Travel - Web pages related to the travel and tourism industry: hotels, cruise ships, airlines, travel reservations, tourist attractions, amusement parks, etc.

Green square small.png Useful - Web pages containing useful information which does not fall into one of the other categories: reference materials, maps, hobbies, dictionaries, Wikipedia, etc.

Green square small.png Vehicles - Web pages related to vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, parts suppliers - automobiles, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, watercraft, etc.

Red square small.png Weapons - Web pages related to advertising or selling guns, ammunition and other weapons. NOTE: Gun rights and gun legislation discussions are not included in this category.

Green square small.png Weather - Web pages related to weather and forecasts.

Red square small.png XXX-Sexual Content - Web pages related to sexually explicit content; pornographic videos, sexually oriented materials, prostitution, explicit sex discussions, sexual webcams, etc.

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