Troubleshooting: ‘No Data Found’ in report results

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Why am I receiving ‘No Data Found’ in report result?

'NO DATA WAS FOUND FOR THE REPORT SELECTION CRITERIA' displays in the report after generation:

Typically, this is caused by one of the following conditions:

  1. There are no logs for the Date or Time, and/or user(s) selected
  2. The Log Info Sources are not correct
  3. Permissions are not set to allow this account to access the log file directory
  4. An incorrect log file format or date has been selected

There are no log records for the Date or Time, and/or user(s) selected (the default is ‘prior week’ and ‘All users’) Verify the following settings:

  1. Right-click on the selected report in the left navigation pane
  2. Select ‘Properties’, then select the ‘Customize’ tab
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ button for Date and Time
  4. Select a ‘Custom’ date range for a period for which you have log files, then click ‘OK’
  5. Click the ‘Edit’ button for Users and be sure to select either ‘All users’ or a group(s)/user(s) that is/are included in the log files for the date/timeframe that you have configured in the previous steps
  6. Save the changes, then re-generate the report

The Log Info Sources are not correct:

LogAnalyzer installs with two default ‘Log Info Sources’ on the local drive:

  • Microsoft ISA Server
  • Microsoft Proxy 2.0

If your log files reside on another machine or in another location on the local machine, you will have to modify or add the correct log source path:

  1. Select Log Info Sources in the left pane

  2. Right-click on the appropriate Log Info Source in the right-hand pane and select ‘‘Properties’

  3. Click the ‘Browse’ button and navigate to the appropriate directory

    Note Note: For remote directories, UNC paths must be used (i.e. \\server\remote_directory)

  4. Click the ‘Test’ button near the bottom of the popup window

  5. If the “Test Failed”, there is a permissions or access problem with the directory, please see the next paragraph below to change the settings

Permissions are not set to allow this account to access the log file directory:

  1. Open the ‘Services.msc’ console on the server
  2. Locate and right-click the ‘bt-LogAnalyzer’ service, then select ‘Properties’
  3. Navigate to the ‘Log On’ tab. If ‘Local System Account’ is selected, deselect this option by selecting the ‘This account’ option
  4. Enter an account Username and Password with Administrative privileges on the Local machine and read privileges on the log directory of the remote machine
  5. Restart the bt-LogAnalyzer service and reopen the bt-LogAnalyzer management console

An incorrect log file format or date has been selected:

All Microsoft logs should use the default, ‘Auto-detect – MS’ date and file format. All other log file types should be selected from the drop down list. If using custom/modified Microsoft ISA Server logs, please ensure they contain the following fields:

  1. Client IP (c-ip)
  2. Client User Name (cs-username)
  3. Date (date)
  4. Time (time)
  5. Processing Time (time-taken)
  6. Bytes Sent (cs-bytes)
  7. Bytes Received (sc-bytes)
  8. Protocol (cs-protocol)
  9. Operation (s-operation)
  10. Object Name (cs-url)
  11. Object MIME (cs-mime-type)
  12. Result Code (sc-status)
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