To set the logging options for Proxy and/or Filter Logs

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To set the logging options for Proxy (bt-WebFilter Standalone) and/or Filter Logs

  1. Right-click on the ‘Monitoring and Auditing’ container object in the bt-WebFilter Management Console and select ‘Properties’. (Alternatively, you can select the ‘Monitoring and Auditing’ container object and then select the ‘Properties’ option from the ‘Action’ menu of the Management Console.)

  2. On the ‘Logging Options’ tab, place a check mark in the ‘Enable’ box for the type of logging that you want to enable

    1. Filter Logging: filter logs contain information regarding blocked URLs and Quota compliance

    2. Proxy Logging: proxy logs contain all URL requests made to the proxy server regardless of whether they are allowed or denied

  3. Set the Log File options:

    1. Maximum Log File Size: choose a value to limit the size of the individual log files. If the number of records requires additional space and the log file size limit is reached, a new log file will be created. A value of ‘0’ will allow the file to grow to the default 2GB limit.

    2. Maximum Log File Age: choose the number of days to keep the log files. Files that exist in the specified directory that are outside of this value will be deleted. Setting this value to ‘0’ disables the limit and will keep all files created.

    3. Create a new file: select how often a new log file should be started. The Maximal Log File Size option should be set to a value that can accommodate the amount of records for the time period selected otherwise multiple files will be created. Each file name will be appended with a number to indicate the order if multiple files are created for the time period.

    4. Log File Directory: specify the location of the log files

    5. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’

Note Note: Using different directories for logging is recommended. When using LogAnalyzer, placing both types of files in the same directory will cause bt-LogAnalyzer 6 to read each file when trying to generate a report. Also, bt-LogAnalyzer SETM will Load/Categorize all valid log files in a specified log source. By separating the log file types into their own directories, individual log sources can be created in the LogAnalyzer products allowing the administrator to act on only the specific log data type.

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