To Configure License Email Alerts

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To Configure License Email Alerts
Email Recipient Message

Note Note: You can configure the email message to be sent at this time however you will need to complete the email configuration for bt-WebFilter before an email will be sent.

  1. Open the bt-WebFilter Management Console.

  2. Right-click on the bt-WebFilter container object in the bt-WebFilter Management Console and select ‘Properties.’ (Alternatively, you can select the ‘bt-WebFilter’ container object and then select the ‘Properties’ option from the ‘Action’ menu of the Management Console.)

  3. On the ‘Storage and Customer Options’ tab, click the ‘Advanced’ button.

  4. Click the ‘Add’ button to add an email address.

  5. In the ‘Name’ field type the name of the user who will be receiving the email.

  6. In the ‘Email’ field type the email address of the recipient.

  7. In the ‘Message’ box, type the alert text that will appear in the email. The text is a sample Burstek provides that you can remove.

    Note Note: If you use the Burstek default message and change your license at a later date, you must manually update the number of users specified in the email. The value that is displayed is based on the license at that point in time.

  8. Click ‘OK’

  9. Continue adding email addresses for other administrators that should be notified by completing steps 4-8.

  10. When completed, click ‘OK’ then ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ on the ‘Storage and Customer Options’ tab.

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