To Assign a Quota to a Custom Access Policy

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To Assign a Quota to a Custom Access Policy

  1. In the bt-WebFilter Management Console window, left-click on the ‘Custom Access Policies’ container object.

  2. Right-click the Custom Access Policy, then select ‘Properties’

  3. Select the ‘Quotas’ tab and then click the ‘Add...’ button at the bottom of the window

  4. If applying the quota to a Category or group of Categories, select the ‘Category’ option. If applying the quota to a URL or mask, select the ‘URL’ option.

  5. Select the 'Details' tab. If a ‘Category’ Access Object Type was selected in the previous step, select the appropriate Categories that the Quota will apply to. If the ‘URL’ Access Object Type was selected in the previous step, enter the appropriate URL(s) or mask(s).

    Note Note: to apply a single quota for all Internet access, before clicking the Details tab, check the URL radio button, then enter a single asterisk (*) in the Details.

  6. Select the ‘Schedule’ tab.

  7. Use the Drop-Down to select the schedule that will be used to apply the Quota.

  8. Select the 'Quota' tab

  9. Use the drop-down list labeled ‘Quota’ to select the correct Quota to be used

  10. In the section labeled ‘Quota Applying method’, select the option to apply the Quota to each user of the group, or to apply the quota to the group as a whole.

    Note Note: If using the ‘Single Quota for whole NT group’ option, all users of the group will be affected by the browsing habits of each other user in the group. As an example: If User A, B, and C are in a group which has this quota application type enforced, User A can utilize all of the quota bandwidth before user B and C get a chance to utilize the bandwidth. This would result in an immediate denial of web access for users B and C even though they have not met the quota limit individually.

  11. Click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’ to save the changes and be redirect back to the ‘Quotas’ tab of the Custom Access Policy

  12. Click ‘Apply’ to save the quota settings to the Custom Access Policy

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