To Add a Domain Access Rule

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To Add a Domain Access Rule

  1. In the bt-WebFilter Management Console, right-click on the ‘Access Rules’ container object and select ‘Register Domain’ from the context menu.

  2. Alternatively you can left-click the ‘Access Rules’ container object and select the ‘Register Domain’ option from the ‘Action’ menu item in the MMC toolbar.

  3. In the ‘Register Domain’ window, use the drop down to select the domain you want to use

    Note Note: It is possible to register multiple Domains however the bt-WebFilter server must be able to access these domains and query Directory Services for user and group information. Typically this is accomplished via a Trust to the Domain where bt-WebFilter is installed. For more information on Trusts, please contact Microsoft.

  4. After clicking ‘OK’ you will be presented with the ‘<insert domain name> Properties’ window. Click ‘OK’ to close this window.

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