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Bt-LogAnalyzer Server PropertiesCan I make my own Categories?Configure bt-WebFilter Standalone
Configure bt-WebFilter for ISA/TMGCustom Access PoliciesDetermine Users who accessed a particular Web Site
Do you provide Real-Time monitoring?DownloadsFeatures
How To: Add a new URL to a Category in LogAnalyzerHow To: Add a new URL to a Category in LogAnalyzer 6How To: Add a new URL to a Category in bt-LogAnalyzer SE
How To: Allow a specific Website for a Single UserHow To: Assign a Quota for specific User(s)How To: Assign a Quota to an Individual User(s)
How To: Automatic Control List UpdateHow To: Backup LogAnalyzerHow To: Block unauthenticated access in WFISA
How To: Block unauthenticated access in WFSAHow To: Change Category Colors in bt-LogAnalyzer SEHow To: Change Control List Server
How To: Change the Control List Server used by LASEHow To: Change the Port number used by the WebFilter Proxy ServerHow To: Change the path to the Storage.xml file
How To: Client Install and Configuration for WebFilter ISA/TMGHow To: Configure Access RulesHow To: Configure Authentication in WebFilter ISA/TMG Filter
How To: Configure Authentication in WebFilter StandaloneHow To: Configure Custom Access PoliciesHow To: Configure Email
How To: Configure Email Settings in LA6How To: Configure Email Settings in WebFilterHow To: Configure Static RPC for WFISA
How To: Configure a custom log formatHow To: Configure a single Quota for all WebsitesHow To: Configure and Apply a Quota
How To: Configure and Apply a ScheduleHow To: Configure reports to be automatically emailed to recipientsHow To: Confiure LA6 to automatically email report results
How To: Control CPU UtilizationHow To: Create a Custom CategoryHow To: Create a Custom Category in LA6 for a specific report
How To: Create a Log Info Source in LA6How To: Create a New Report in LA6How To: Create an appropriate URL Mask
How To: Customize an Existing Report in LA6How To: Determine Category URL belongs to in LA6How To: Elimate Viewing Time from my LA6 Reports
How To: Email report results from LA6How To: Enable Automatic UpdatesHow To: Exclude URLs from a Report in LogAnalyzer 6
How To: Exclude users and/or groups from a Custom Access PolicyHow To: Export LogAnalyzer 6 SettingsHow To: Export WebFilter Settings
How To: Export bt-LogAnalyzer SE SettingsHow To: Export the results of a report in LA6How To: Filter by an IP address range
How To: Generate a Web Extra reportHow To: Generate a count of all usersHow To: Generate a report for the Top 10 Websites for the Top 10 Users
How To: Generate a report using the results of a previously generated reportHow To: Generate a user count for a specific date range for a specific log source from LogAnalyzer SEHow To: Generate an email report for a specific email address
How To: Host your own Redirect PageHow To: How do I adjust the Bandwidth Cost Factor valueHow To: Import LogAanlyzer 6 Settings
How To: Import LogAnalyzer 6 SettingsHow To: Import WebFilter SettingsHow To: Import bt-LogAnalyzer SE Settings
How To: Include/Exclude URLs in a CategoryHow To: Install WebFilterHow To: Install and configure the Remote Log Data Loader component for ISA/TMG when logging to MSDE
How To: Install bt-WebFilter StandaloneHow To: Install or Reinstall WebFilter with LogAnalyzer 6How To: Limit the number of lines in a report
How To: Make LASE use Remote Control ListHow To: Migrate LogAnalyzer 6 to TMGHow To: Migrate WebFilter to TMG
How To: Monitor Quota UsageHow To: Move bt-LogAnalyzer SE Databases between SQL serversHow To: Perform a SQL backup of bt-LogAnalyzers Databases
How To: Perform a fresh install of bt-LogAnalyzer SE and attach to existing DatabasesHow To: Purge bt-logAnalyzer SE databasesHow To: Purge older report results via the management console
How To: Push proxy settings to all usersHow To: Recover log password for LogAnalyzer SE web interfaceHow To: Reduce Report Generation Times
How To: Reduce the percentage of ‘undefined’ activityHow To: Register DomainHow To: Register name and License
How To: Report on the Top 10 users of the Top 10 Web SitesHow To: Resolve usernames in a reportHow To: Restrict access to LogAnalyzer SE Interface
How To: Restrict some access 24x7 and other by Time or BandwidthHow To: Run a report for a single website in LA6How To: Run a report for a specific User in LA6
How To: Schedule a report to runHow To: Schedule automatic backups of bt-LogAnalyzer SE SettingsHow To: Setup Control List Replication for WebFilter
How To: Setup Distributed Report Processing in LogAnalyzer SEHow To: Setup Replication for WebFilter ISA/TMGHow To: Update URL Control List in LA6
How To: Upgrade to current version of bt-LogAnalyzer 6How To: View LogAnalyzer SE output in ExcelHow To: View report output in Excel
How To: View the progress of reportsHow To: Whitelist users and or URLsHow To: Wiki Formatting
How To GuidesHow do I see all the Websites assigned to a Category?How many Categories does your software have?
LA6: FAQLASE: Application Configuration How ToLASE: FAQ
LASE: Maintenance How ToLASE: Report Configuration How ToLASE Sizing Guideline
Lista de las Categorias de ControlLogAnalyzer SE™ hardware requirementsMain Page
Main Page NewProduct FAQQuotas
Replication OptionsRequired Fields for LogAnalyzer SE™Requirements
Storage and Customer OptionsSupport for TMGSystem Requirements for bt-LogAnalyzer
Tables: HTML to Wiki MarkupTechnical SupportThe Custom Access Policy Properties Page
The InterfaceThe URL Control ListTo Add Replication Servers for WebFilter
To Add a Domain Access RuleTo Add a Domain User to the User WhitelistTo Add a Web Site to the URL Whitelist
To Add an IP Address or IP Range to the User WhitelistTo Add an IP based Access RuleTo Assign a Quota to a Custom Access Policy
To Assign a Quota to an Individual UsersTo Assign a Schedule to a Custom Access PolicyTo Change a Replication Servers Name
To Configure Automatic Updates for the Burstek Control ListTo Configure License Email AlertsTo Configure URL Control List Update Notifications
To Configure a Custom Access Policy to Block Access for all Specified Users/IP AddressesTo Configure a Custom Access Policy to Deny Access to Unknown URLsTo Configure a Domain Access Rule to Deny Access to a Domain Group or Domain User
To Configure a Domain Access Rule to Grant Full Access to a domain Group or Domain UserTo Configure the Proxy SettingsTo Create a Custom Access Policy
To Create a New CategoryTo Create a New QuotaTo Create a New Schedule
To Delete a CategoryTo Delete a Custom Access PolicyTo Delete a Quota
To Delete a Replication ServerTo Delete a ScehduleTo Display the Replication Options Properties
To Display the bt-WebFilter Properties PageTo Edit an Existing QuotaTo Edit an Existing Schedule
To Exclude a URL from a CatregoryTo Include a URL in a CategoryTo Manually Update the URL Control List
To Modify an existing CategoryTo Monitor Quota UsageTo Rename/Modify a Custom Access Policy
To Reset Quota UsageTo View the Control List Categories in the bt-WebFilter InterfaceTo modify a Custom URL
To set the Viewing Filter for the Monitoring and Auditing Container ObjectsTo set the logging options for Proxy and/or Filter LogsTroubleshooting: Error ‘Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE when trying to access the Web Interface
Troubleshooting: Error ‘Login failed for user NT Authority\network service’ when using IIS 5.xTroubleshooting: IronPort Logs not found in dropdown menuTroubleshooting: No Data Found in report result
Troubleshooting: ‘No Data Found’ in report resultsURL Control List CategoriesURL Whitelist
WebFilter Help ContentsWebFilter Server PropertiesWelcome
What are Access Rules (AR's)?What are Custom Access Policies (CAP's)?What are Quotas?
What are Schedules?What fields are required to read my log filesWhere are reports stored
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