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Schedule Common Information Tab
Schedules Properties Tab

The bt-WebFilter program allows you to schedule permissions and restrictions to control Internet Access. You can cause a Custom Access Policy to be Active or Inactive, enforce Quotas, or apply them to individual user(s) or IP(s). Schedules can be configured based on day(s) of the week and the time of day (24 hour clock in One-hour or Half-hour increments) to activate or deactivate a policy.

Note Note: bt-WebFilter is installed with a default 24 by 7 schedule.

The Schedule Common Information Tab contains the Schedule Name and description while the Schedule Properties Tab contains the actual time and date selection.

  1. To display the access the Schedule configuration tabs for an existing Schedule, left-click the Schedule icon in the left pane of the bt-WebFilter Management Console.
  2. In the right pane, right-click on the Schedule you want to view/modify and select ‘Properties’ from the action menu
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