How To: Setup Distributed Report Processing in LogAnalyzer SE

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Setup Distributed Report Processing in bt-LogAnalyzer SE™

The Distributed Report Processing feature allows bt-LogAnalyzer users to process reports on multiple machines and aggregate the processing into one report. Following are some benefits:

  1. Multiple servers can run reports against their own logs. This distributes the workload to run reports lowering Network Bandwidth (log data is not transferred).
  2. Only the summary of the report is sent back by the Remote Server to the Virtual Report Server reducing Network Bandwidth.
  3. The Distributed Report Processing feature provides a transparent (“LAN-like”) communications over Local Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks.

Following are the steps to setup and initiate this functionality:

  1. Select Settings | Properties from the drop down menu
  2. Click the Distributed Reports tab
  3. Select New Distributed Server from the left navigation pane
  4. Enter the name for the LogAnalyzer SE™ distributed (remote) server(s)
  5. Click OK
  6. Select Reports in the left navigation pane
  7. Select the appropriate report from the list
  8. Click the Advanced tab
  9. Check the box for Run this report at remote servers
  10. Click OK
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