How To: Setup Control List Replication for WebFilter

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Configure Replication in bt-WebFilter

Note Note: Each server must have Burst Technology’s bt-WebFilter software installed.

  1. From the ‘Replication Options’ tab, click the ‘Add’ Button

  2. Enter the DNS name or IP Address of the Target Server Source where replication will occur and click ‘OK’

  3. Click the ‘Manual Replication’ button

  4. Click the ‘Replicate Now’ button to initially synchronize all servers and confirm proper function

  5. The message “WebFilter settings replication succeeded” displays

  6. Click ‘OK’

  7. Set the ‘Automatic Replication’ button (Skip this step if you prefer to replicate manually)

With ‘Automatic replication,’ when you add users, change policies or update the URL Control List these changes will be automatically replicated to the bt-WebFilter servers listed in the ‘Target bt-WebFilter Servers’ area

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