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How do I reduce the Percentage of the Undefined activity?

Recognizing that no URL database is 100%; Burstek has delivered a Web Extra template to help customers localize their database. To maximize the value of the WebExtra report, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Make sure your email server details are configured correctly. These settings are found by right-clicking the bt-LogAnalyzer Server node, choosing ‘Properties’, then clicking on the ‘E-Mail Options’ tab.
  2. Download a new Control List by right-clicking ‘URL Control List’, choosing ‘Import…’, then clicking the ‘Ok’ button. We recommend configuring this setting to update everyday on the ‘Automatic Updates’ tab.
  3. Locate, then right-click on ‘Web Extra’ in the list of reports, and then choose ‘Properties’.
  4. On the ‘Customize’ tab, click ‘Edit’ under “Date/Time”, and then choose the date interval you prefer. ‘Prior week’ is suggested. Click ‘OK’.
  5. On the ‘Schedule’ tab, set the ‘Start Report Generation at’ values for the date, time, and frequency that you prefer. We recommend using the ‘Generate Weekly’ Recurrence Schema, on any day of the week you prefer.
  6. When you first run the Web Extra report, review for any internal URLs that may be using the Proxy Server. These URLs can be input directly into the ‘Local’ or ‘Intranet’ categories, which are delivered with the software (see FAQs on how to input appropriate masks).
  7. Once you have all your organizations Web Servers identified, go back to the properties of the Web Extra’ report.
  8. On the ‘Distribution’ tab of the report properties, click “Add” and enter ‘Burstek Control List’ in the ‘Name’ field and ’’ into the ‘E-mail:’ field, then click ‘OK’.
  9. Click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’.

The Web Extra report will automatically run when specified, and will be emailed directly to our Control List department.

Note Note: No proprietary information is sent, only top level domains and related ‘hit’ counts.

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