How To: Recover log password for LogAnalyzer SE web interface

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How do I recover a lost password for the LogAnalyzer SE™ web interface

If you lose your admin password for bt-LogAnalyzer SE™, you'll need to query the SQL database manually. The password is stored in the bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ LAEE_Settings database in this table column:


It is necessary to use SQL Server Management Studio or any similar tool for writing a new value into this field. The SQL management studio is not installed with the LogAnalyzer SE software, and requires a separate download from Microsoft. The express version can be found here

If you are using the full version of MS-SQL, please use the Management Studio version that is included with the software.

To retrieve the information, follow the steps below:
  1. Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio if you do not currently have it installed

  2. Connect to the SQL server containing the LogAnalyzer SE™ Databases with the Management Studio application

  3. Open a query window and enter the following script

     USE LAEE_Settings
     SELECT [AdminPassword]
     FROM [LAEE_Settings].[dbo].[AppSettings]
  4. Execute the script

  5. Review the results window for the password

Note Note:This script assumes the default name of the LAEE_Settings database. If a different DB name was supplied during the installation of bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ then please make the proper modification to the [LAEE_Settings] entry.

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