How To: Push proxy settings to all users

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Configure client proxy settings via Active Directory

  1. Login to your Domain Controller

  2. Go to Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computer

  3. Right click on your Domain and select Properties

  4. Click on the Group Policy tab and click the Edit button

  5. Under the User Configuration section, click the “+” next to Windows Settings

  6. Click the “+” next to Internet Explorer Maintenance, and click on the Connection folder

  7. In the right hand pane, double click on the Connection Settings folder

  8. In the Connection Settings section, select the radio button next to “Import Current Connection Settings”, and click on the Modify Settings button

  9. Click on the LAN Settings button

  10. In the Proxy Server section, check both boxes, and type in the Proxy address (IP Address), and port number (Usually 8080 unless you changed it)

  11. Click the Ok button, then click the Ok button again, then click the ok button again

  12. Close out the Group Policy

  13. Click the Apply button

  14. Click the Ok button

  15. Close out of Active Directory Users and Computer

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