How To: Purge older report results via the management console

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How do I purge older report results via the Management Console?

  1. Change the ‘Schedule’ date on the reports that you want to clear the history for to a date forward of the range you will be deleting. For example, if your report has been running for 6 months and you want to keep the last 3 months of reports, you will want to adjust the ‘Start report generation at’ option on the ‘Schedule’ tab to the current date.

    Note Warning: Failure to set the ‘Schedule Options’ date properly will cause bt-LogAnalyzer to attempt to recreate any deleted reports.

  2. Once the date has been modified, right click on the report and select ‘Clear Results’

  3. Place a check mark next to each report you want to delete and select ‘OK’

  4. Click ‘OK’ at the ‘Are you sure..’ dialog

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