How To: Purge bt-logAnalyzer SE databases

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To maintain a manageable LogAnalyzer SE database size, the database for log data must be purged periodically. This is done on a per-log source basis, and can be done either manually or automatically.

Manual Purge:

  1. In the ‘Log Source List’ page, select/highlight the desired log source to purge
  2. In the left-hand menu and under the ‘Log Source List’ section, select the ‘Purge Data’ option
  3. You are given the option to purge pre-set time intervals, a custom time interval, or to completely purge all log data. Once you select the desired amount of log data to purge, click the ‘Purge’ button, then click ‘OK’ to begin the purge

Automatic Purge:

  1. In the ‘Log Source List’ page, navigate to the properties of the log source that is to be automatically purged
  2. Click on the ‘Automatic Purge’ tab
  3. Mark the checkbox labeled ‘Delete log data older than _ calendar days, according to the following schedule:’, then input the desired value for the maximum age of log data
  4. Enter the date and time to start the purge
  5. Select your desired ‘Recurrence Schema’
  6. If desired, notifications for purge success and/or failure can be configured to be sent to the specified email recipients

Note Note: The SMTP settings must be configured in the application for email notifications to function properly.

  1. Once the desired settings have been configured, save the changes by clicking ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’
  2. The automatic purge operation will begin on the configured date/time, and will recur as configured
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