How To: Perform a fresh install of bt-LogAnalyzer SE and attach to existing Databases

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How do I perform a Fresh Install of LogAnalyzer SE™ and attach to existing Databases?

  1. Stop LogAnalyzer Services

  2. Backup existing LAEEConnectionStrings.config under Services and Web Interface

  3. If possible backup LASE Databases:

    • LAEE_Data

    • LAEE_Reports

    • LAEE_Settings

    Note Warning: If you are unable to backup the databases, you will have to detach them from the SQL Server to prevent them being deleted during the uninstall.
  4. Uninstall LogAnalyzer 7

    Note Warning: Do Not perform step 5 if you have any other Burstek Application s installed on the server.

  5. Delete the 'Burst Technology' folder under 'Program Files'

  6. Reinstall LASE

  7. Specify new name for DB's. EX LAEE_Data_NEW. Failure to provide new database names may result in an error stating the files already exist

  8. Verify proper operation of Interface

  9. Stop LogAnalyzer Services

  10. Use SQL Management Studio to restore the databases backed up in step 3. Otherwise, detach the new Databases and attach the old databases

  11. Modify LAEEConnectionStrings.config to point to original DB names

  12. Start LogAnalyzer Services

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