How To: Make LASE use Remote Control List

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How to integrate LASE with a remote Control List

After installation, LogAnalyzer SE can be configured to utilize a remote Control List, which is similar to the Integrated installation mode option available during installation. In order to configure the LogAnalyzer SE server to integrate with a remote Control List, the below steps can be taken:

  1. Ensure that the target/destination server (Server that LogAnalyzer SE will integrate with) is configured to allow communication from the client server. See Configure Static RPC Port and Enable RPC Access in TMG/ISA Server.
  2. Configure the new Control List Server in the LogAnalyzer SE Settings Database (‘LAEE_Settings’ by default):
    1. On the SQL Server that contains the LogAnalyzer SE databases, run the following query:
      NOTE: The default database names will be used in the below queries. Target_Server_Name and Client_Server_Name should be replaced with the correct names:
  UPDATE LAEE_Settings.dbo.AppSettings
  SET CategoryServerName = 'Target_Server_Name'
  WHERE CategoryServerName = 'Client_Server_Name'
    1. Restart the LA7Main service (along with dependent services).
    2. Restart the LA7Main service (along with dependent services).

Note Note: In order to apply the categorization changes to all currently loaded data, the log data must be ‘Completely’ re-categorized.

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