How To: Install bt-WebFilter Standalone

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The following instructions will guide you through installing bt-WebFilter Standalone

  1. Download the latest version fromt the Burstek Website

  2. Be sure you are logged on to the server with either the Administrator account or an account that has full Administrative priveledges

  3. Disable any installed Anti-Virus programs

    Note Note: Be sure to add the Burst Technology directory to your Anti-Virus exception list. Failure to do so could cause application corruption as WebFilter must write to its configuration and log files during normal operation.

  4. Extract the WF<version>.zip file to a folder on your desktop or to a specific folder

  5. Open the folder and run the setup.exe file

    Note Note: If you are installing on a Server 2008 or Windows 7 machine, right-click on the setup.exe file and select the Run As Administrator option

  6. During the file copy process completes, the splash screen seen below will appear. Once the file process completes, you will be presented with the WebFilter InstallShield Wizard. Click Next to continue.

    caption caption

  7. Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement if you agree after reading and click Next


  8. If you want to use the default installation directory, simply click Next and skip to step 10. Otherwise, select Change and continue with the next step.


  9. Either type the path you wish to install the application or use the folder buttons at the top right of the window. Click OK when ready


  10. Select the Setup Type option and click Next

    • Complete (default) will install all program features and should be used by most installations

    • Client will install only the necessary files to connect to a remote WebFilter Standalone server but will not include any filter or proxy capabilities.

  11. The default settings for the Enabling the automatic Control List update is Enabled for every Monday at 3PM. If you do not wish to adjust these settings, click Next


  12. Click Install when presented with the Ready to Install the Program window


  13. When the program completes, click the Finish button


    Note Note: you will be prompted to restart the server. We recommend restarting as soon as possible. Do Not install bt-LogAnalyzer without restarting the server first.

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