How To: Host your own Redirect Page

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Hosting your own Redirect Page

  1. Make sure bt-WebFilter Standalone or bt-WebFilter ISA plug-in is installed on the server that hosts the redirect page. The ISA server plug-in can be installed on a server without ISA server for the necessary components

  2. Create and host a page on your server using the existing code from one of the redirect pages found in the WebFilter installation directory (indicated by .asp and .php file extensions). The original .asp or .php page may be used

  3. Modify the page with the desired customizations

  4. Launch bt-WebFilter and double-click on the access policy that you wish to modify

  5. Under common information tab and text box labeled ‘redirect URL,’ type in the address of the Webpage you are redirecting to

Note Note: If using a 64 bit operating system, make sure the application pool allows 32 bit applications.

Note Note: The Redirect Page may be displayed in your language of choice.

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