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How do I Generate a WebExtra report?

The WebExtra report is a canned report included with bt-LogAnalyzer and just requires the user to set the proper options for their environment.

Note Note: To have the completed WebExtra report automatically emailed to Burstek, please ensure that the email functionality is configured and working properly.

In bt-LogAnalyzer 6:

  1. In the bt-LogAnalyzer console, right click on the - Web Extra report and select Properties

  2. On the Customize tab, set the date option for Prior week

  3. On the Schedule tab, set the Start report generation at. option. (Recommended Weekly)

    Note Note: Perform the next steps if you want to email the Report to Burstek via LogAnalyzer.If you wish to use another email option, skip to step 8.

  4. On the Distribution' tab, click Add

  5. Enter Burstek Control List in the name field

  6. Enter in the email address field

  7. Select the HTML Attachment option

  8. If you wish to just generate the report and send via another email option, you can choose the ‘Save to folder’ option instead

In bt-LogAnalyzer SETM:

  1. In the bt-LogAnalyzer Web Interface, click on the Reports option

  2. In the list of reports, locate and select the -Web Extra report and click the Report Properties option

  3. Click on the Customize menu item

  4. Click the Edit button next to the Date/Time option

  5. Select the Prior Week option

  6. Click Apply then OK

  7. Click on the Schedule menu item

  8. Set the Start report generation at: date and time according to your organizations schedule

  9. Set the Recurrence Schema to Generate weekly

  10. Click Apply then OK

  11. Click on the Distribution menu item

  12. Set the Email Format to HTML attachment

    Note Note: If you wish LogAnalyzer to automatically email the completed report, continue with the next step. Otherwise, proceed to step 17.

  13. In the column on the left side of the page, select the New Recipient option

  14. In the name field, type Burstek Control List

  15. In the E-Mail field, type

  16. Click OK

    Note Note: If you want to save a copy of the completed report for your needs or so you can send the report via your mail client, continue with the next step. Otherwise, proceed to step 18.

  17. In the Save to Folder section and in the Path field, enter the location you wish to save the completed report to

  18. Click Apply then OK

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