How To: Create a New Report in LA6

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How do I create a new report?

  1. Open the bt-LogAnalyzer management console

  2. Right click on ‘Reports’, then select ‘New -> Report’

  3. Enter a Name and Description for your report

  4. Choose the ‘Type of Report’ and the sub-report types

  5. Select the ‘Maximum Report Lines’ or leave blank to remove the line limit

  6. Choose the ‘Simple Category Resolution’ option to have bt-LogAnalyzer report URLs from the first Category match

  7. Click the ‘Advanced’ button to set the ‘Advanced Options’ for the report

  8. Click on the ‘Customize’ tab to set the following options: a. Date/Time of report

    1. Categories to include in the report

    2. Users/Groups to report on

    3. Any additional reports to use as filters

    4. Which log source/s that the report should run against

  9. Click on the ‘Schedule’ tab to set when the report should run

  10. Click on the ‘Distribution’ tab for additional delivery options

  11. If utilizing OU security, click on the ‘Security’ tab to identify Users/Groups that can generate the report and/or view the report results via the console

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