How To: Confiure LA6 to automatically email report results

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How do I configure LogAnalyzer 6 to automatically email reports to recipient(s)

Configure your SMTP server in the LogAnalyzer 6 options:

  1. Right-click bt-LogAnalyzer Server (located in left-hand menu) and select ‘Properties’

  2. Navigate to the ‘E-mail Options’ tab

  3. Enter the Email address

    Note Note: The Email address you enter is the Email address that will appear in the ‘From’ field when you Email reports. The sender Email address must be properly formatted as such:

  4. Enter the name of the SMTP server (IP address or DNS)

    Note Note: This is the mail server the bt-LogAnalyzer 6 will use to Email reports

  5. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ to set these options

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