How To: Configure reports to be automatically emailed to recipients

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Q: How do I configure LogAnalyzer SE™ to automatically email reports to recipient(s)?

Configure your SMTP server in the LogAnalyzer SE™ settings:

  1. Click 'Settings' from the header menu of LogAnalyzer SE
  2. Navigate to the 'E-mail Options' tab
  3. Enter the Email address of the account to be used for sending email
  4. Enter the name of the SMTP server (IP address or DNS).This is the mail server that bt-LogAnalyzer SE™ will use to Email reports
  5. Enter the SMTP server port (Default is port 25)
  6. If your SMTP server requires authentication, select the checkbox and complete the 'SMTP Server Authentication Parameters' section
  7. Click “OK” to set these options

Configure the desired report to email upon report generation in the 'Distribution' tab:

  1. Navigate to the properties of the report you want to setup distribution for

  2. Click on the 'Distribution' tab

    Note Note: There are two options: (1) you can setup the reports to email them, or (2) you can save them to the local system, or a network drive (UNC Path).

  3. For emailing, configure the email recipient(s) that will receive the reports. These recipients can be added by selecting 'New Recipient' in the left-hand menu, while on the 'Distribution' tab page

  4. Click the 'Apply' button. Click the 'Ok' button

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