How To: Configure a single Quota for all Websites

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Setting a single Quota for all Websites

If you want to set a quota for all users to a specific value (e.g. 100MB) and have that quota calculate total for every website so that when the user reaches the quota limit all browsing is denied. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a Quota and assign the calculation value (Time or Bandwidth)

  2. Create a new Category called ‘All Websites’ and put a single * on the ‘Include’ tab.
    Note Warning:By entering an * for the categories include field, ALL websites will be effected. Make sure that you exclude any URL’s that should not be applied to this Category such as a redirect URL. Any URL that is not excluded will not only be allowed access but will also count towards the Quota limits.

  3. Create a Permission Type policy and add the ‘All Websites’ category to the ‘Allow’ tab

  4. On the ‘Apply To’ and ‘Exemptions’ tab, add any users or groups that should be included/excluded from this policy

  5. On the ‘Quota’ tab, click ‘Add’

  6. On the ‘Common Options’ tab, select ‘Category’

  7. Click the ‘Details’ tab and select the ‘All Websites’ category

  8. Click the ‘Quota’ tab and select the Quota that you created in step 1

  9. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’

  10. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ on the Permissions Properties page

    Performing the above steps will cause every user assigned to be limited to the value specified in the Quota on a per user basis.

    For example, ‘User A’ has used a combined total of 100MB of browsing activity but ‘User B’ has only used 25MB.

    ‘User A’ will be prevented from accessing any additional websites while ‘User B’ will still be able to browse for an addition 75MB of bandwidth.

    Also, by using the settings above, all websites will be accessible as long as the user is under their Quota limit. In order to prevent access to unwanted websites, it will be necessary to create a second Custom Access Policy of a restriction type.

  11. Create a new Custom Access Policy and set the access type to ‘Restriction’

  12. On the ‘Deny’ tab, add all categories that you do not want user to have access to at all

  13. On the ‘Apply To’ tab, enter the users that this should affect

  14. On the ‘Deny’ tab, enter the users that this should not affect

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