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Before you can receive email alerts sent from bt-WebFilter, you must configure the Email Options for bt-WebFilter. bt-WebFilter supports custom SMTP ports as well as SSL and TLS securities.

To Configure E-Mail for bt-WebFilter

  1. Right-click on the bt-WebFilter container object in the bt-WebFilter Management Console and select Properties. (Alternatively, you can select the bt-WebFilter container object and then select the Properties option from the Action menu of the Management Console.)

  2. Click the E-Mail Options tab

  3. Complete the following fields:

    1. E-Mail: the email address of the account to be used

    2. The SMTP Server: IP Address or DNS name of the Email server

    3. SMTP Port: port used by the Email server

  4. If your SMTP server requires authentication, complete the following information:

    1. Login: Username for the email account

    2. Password: Password for the email account

    3. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): If the server requires an SSL connection, place a check mark in this field.

    4. Use Transport Layer Security (TLS): If the server requires TLS encryption, place a check mark in this field.

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