How To: Configure Custom Access Policies

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To Create a Custom Access Policy

  1. In the bt-WebFilter Management Console window, right-click on the ‘Custom Access Policies’ container object.

  2. Select the ‘New’ then ‘Custom Access Policy’ options from the pop up menu

  3. Enter a Name for the new policy

  4. If you want to use a custom redirect page, enter the URL in the ‘Redirect URL’ field

  5. Click on the ‘Advanced Redirect Page Options’ button

  6. Set the timeout value that should be used when the Advanced Redirect Page with the ‘Proceed to the blocked Web site’ option is used and click ‘OK’. If you are not using this redirect page, you can click ‘Cancel.’

  7. Click on the ‘Individual Access Policy Type…’ button

  8. Select the type of policy that will be applied to the users and click ‘OK’

  9. Depending on the type of Policy you chose in step 8, click on either the ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ tabs

  10. Add any desired URLs and/or Categories using the ‘Add’ button. When finished, click on the ‘Quotas’ tab

  11. Use this tab to apply any desired Quotas to the Custom Access Policy then click the ‘Apply To’ tab.

  12. Place a check mark in any listed Domain Group or IP Range listed that the policy should apply to. If the proper group is not listed, click the ‘Add Groups’ button

  13. Click on the ‘Exemptions’ tab

  14. Click ‘Add’ and select the ‘IP Address’ or ‘User’ option to enter those that the policy should not be applied to

    Note Note: Only users that are members of the applied domain group or IP addresses that fall in the range applied to the policy would need to be excluded.

  15. When completed click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK.’

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