How To: Configure Authentication in WebFilter ISA/TMG Filter

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How do I setup authentication?

Create an HTTP/HTTPS Access Rule:

  1. Open up the ISA Management Console

  2. Right-click on Firewall Policy, select “New” > “Access Rule”

  3. Type in the Access Rule Name

  4. Select “Allow” for the Rule Action, and click “Next”

  5. Select “Selected protocols” for Protocols, and click the “Add” button

  6. Under “Common Protocols”, add the “HTTP” and “HTTPS” protocols, then click “Close” and “Next”

  7. Click the “Add” button for the Access Rule Sources

  8. Under “Networks” select and add the “Internal” Network, then click “Close” and “Next”

    Note Note: This rule will allow HTTP/HTTPS access for the entire “Internal” network. If requiring authentication for another network, or IP range, replace the source as needed.

  9. Click the “Add” button for the Access Rule Destinations

  10. Under “Networks” select and add the “External” or “Internal” Network, then click “Close” and “Next”. Depending on the ISA or TMG server’s configuration, you will use a different destination network. For ISA or TMG Servers acting as a proxy only (1 NIC), the “Internal” network must be used. For ISA or TMG Servers acting as a Firewall (multi-homed server), the “External” network must be used

  11. In the “User Sets” screen, remove the “All Users” user set and add the “All Authenticated Users” user set

  12. Click the “Close” button, then Proceed to the next page by clicking “Next”

  13. Click the “Finish” button

  14. Apply the settings

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