How To: Change the path to the Storage.xml file

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The Storage and Customer Options tab provides the user with the ability to change the location of the ‘Storage.xml’ file which contains all of the policy configuration information.

To Change the Location of the Storage.xml Files

  1. Locate the existing ‘Storage.xml’ file (Default location is ‘Program Files\Burst Technology\Shared\’ on 32 bit systems or ‘Program Files (x86)\Burst Technology\Shared\’ on 64-bit systems) and copy it to the new location.
  2. Open the bt-WebFilter Management Console
  3. Right-click on the bt-WebFilter container object in the bt-WebFilter Management Console and select ‘Properties.’ (Alternatively, you can select the ‘bt-WebFilter’ container object and then select the ‘Properties’ option from the ‘Action’ menu of the Management Console.)
  4. On the ‘Storage and Customer Options’ tab, enter the new location for the file
  5. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’
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