How To: Change the Control List Server used by LASE

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If you are using bt-LogAnalyzer SE with WebFilter in a shared install, changing the name of the WebFilter server without updating the LASE database will result in an error when attempting to view the Control List Categories and when viewing the Properties page. Follow the steps below to change the name of the server stored in the database.

You will need Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for the version of SQL that you are using. If you are using SQL 2008 Express shipped with LA, any Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio version supporting 2008 or above will work.

You will also need an account that has the ability to update the database tables. Typically the account assigned to LogAnalyzer during the installation for the Database Server has the correct permissions of DBO.

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
2. Login to your SQL Server with an account that has permissions to modify the Databases
3. Expand the ‘Databases’ container
4. Right click on the LAEE_Settings Database and select ‘New Query’
5. Enter the following information in the query window:

UPDATE [LAEE_Settings].[dbo].[AppSettings]
SET CategoryServerName = 'YOUR_SERVER_NAME'

Example Server Names:

  • Old Server Name: LASE1

  • New Server Name: LASE2

Query is now:

UPDATE [LAEE_Settings].[dbo].[AppSettings]
SET CategoryServerName = 'LASE2'

6. Execute the Query
7. Verify that you receive the ‘(1 row(s) affected) notification in the ‘Messages’ window
8. Restart the LogAnalyzer SETM Service:

* LA7Main

Note Note: Restarting the LA7Main Service will also restart the LA7ReportGenerator and LA7DataLoader Services.

9. Launch the LogAnalyzer SETM Interface
10. Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Properties’ from the top navigation bar
11. Verify the ‘URL category list server:’ displays the new server name.

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