How To: Assign a Quota to an Individual User(s)

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To Assign a Quota to an Individual User

  1. Navigate to the properties page of the appropriate registered domain. This can be done by expanding Access Rules, then right-clicking the domain and selecting Properties.

  2. Navigate to the Individual Rights tab, then either add or edit the appropriate user object by clicking the Add... or Edit... buttons.

  3. If adding a user, click the Add... button, enter the user name and click Check Names. Once the correct user has been resolved, click OK. You can then click the newly-added user and click the Edit button.

  4. From the Individual Properties page, select the Quotas tab and click the Add... button

  5. On the Access Object Properties page Common Information tab, select either the Category or the URL option.

    Note Note: To apply a single Quota for all Internet access, before clicking the Details tab, check the URL radio button, then enter a single asterisk (*) in the Details.

  6. Select the Details tab. If a Category Access Object Type was selected in the previous step, select the appropriate categories that the quota will apply to. If the URL Access Object Type was selected in the previous step, enter the appropriate URL(s) or mask(s).

  7. Select the Schedule tab, then select the schedule that will be used to apply the quota

  8. Navigate to the Quota tab

  9. Select the appropriate quota from the drop-down list labeled Quota

  10. Click Apply, then OK to save the changes and be redirected back to the Quotas tab of the user Individual Properties window

  11. Click OK to save the individual properties configured for the user, then click Apply to save the changes to the domain properties.

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