How To: Add a new URL to a Category in LogAnalyzer 6

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When using bt-LogAnalyzer without bt-WebFilter installed

  1. Open the bt-LogAnalyzer Management Console

  2. Right-click on URL Control List container object in the column on the left side of the console window

  3. Select New then Category

  4. On the Common Information tab under Category Name, provide a descriptive name for your new Category

    Note Note:Adding a special character or similar designator to the beginning of the Category name will allow you to quickly identify your custom entries. (e.g. !-- My New Category)

  5. In the Category Description field, provide a detailed description of the reason for the Category and the type of content that it will contain

  6. Click the Apply button

  7. Click on the Included URLs tab

  8. Click the Add button

  9. Enter any URL(s) or Mask(s) that you want to be included in the Category and click OK. (Click here for more information on how to create a URL mask)

  10. Click Apply

  11. Click on the Excluded URLs tab

  12. Click on the Add button

  13. Enter any URL(s) or Mask(s) that you want to be excluded from the Category and click OK. (You only need to enter an Exclusion if you are trying to remove a URL that is included as a result of the mask used on the Include tab. For example, if you add a URL mask that would include but you dont want to be included, you would add the proper mask to exclude it from the Category).

  14. Click Apply then OK

When using bt-LogAnalyzer without bt-WebFilter installed

When bt-LogAnalyzer 6 is installed on a server with bt-WebFilter, the URL Control List is maintained under the bt-WebFilter objects but can be accessed via the bt-LogAnalyzer Management Interface since the WebFilter objects are also displayed. The procedures for adding a new Category in this instance are the same as above however please be aware that any Category created in WebFilter could cause access to included URLs to be disruppted depending on your Custom Access Policies and Access Rule configurations. For example, If you are using a "Permission Policy" type and have the Category "My Sites" allowed and you add a new Category that contains a URL mask that matches a URL in the Allowed Category, users would be denied access. As a precaution, ALWAYS perform a Category Lookup to verify that the URL you plan to add is not part of any other Category that could affect operations in your environment)

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