How To: Add a new URL to a Category in LogAnalyzer

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How do I add a new URL to a category in the URL Control List?

For WebFilter and bt-LogAnalyzer 6
  1. In the bt-LogAnalyzer management console, expand ‘URL Control List’, right-click the desired category, and then select ‘Properties’.

  2. Click the ‘Included URLs’ tab

  3. Click ‘Add’

  4. Enter the desired URL, website, or webpage to include into the category. Asterisks (*) may be used as wildcards. For example, to include the entire website, you would include two masks: *//* and **

    Note Note: This method of entering masks ensures that both* and* are both categorized alike.

  5. Click ‘OK’

  6. Repeat as necessary

For bt-LogAnalyzer SETM
  1. Open the bt-LogAnalyzer SETM and click on the Categories on the top menu bar.
  2. Select Category List from the drop down menu
  3. Locate the Category you want to modify in the list and click the Categories Properties icon on the left side of the list.
  4. At the top of the page, click ont he Included URLs option
  5. In the URL Properties line, enter the URL Masks and click the Add button.
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