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  • Time-of-Day/Day-of-Week filter - (Example: deny access to sports during business hours, but allow access during lunch hours and/or before/after working hours)
  • Categories - deny or allow access based on over 60+ categories (i.e. Sexual Content, Criminal Skills, Weapons, etc.). See Burstek’s Website (http://www.burstek.com) for a complete description of all the Categories.
  • Group/User Support - customize policies based on NT4 or Windows 200x Active Directory
  • IP Range Support – customize policies based on specified IP ranges
  • Remote Administration Auditing - Log and view denied URLs by User in real-time
  • Performance - bt-WebFilter is multi-threaded and can be dispatched for parallel processing on more than one processor
  • File Type - filtering image file extensions, WebFilter allows users to read the text content on a Website but can prohibit downloading or viewing images and blocking MP3 file sharing
  • Yes Lists - allow access only to specific Websites and/or categories (i.e. Shipping Department can only go to UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.). Multiple ‘Yes Lists’ supported.
  • Customizable - easily create your own categories; add to or exempt what bt-WebFilter blocks by default.
  • Replication
  • Quotas
  • Exempt users from policies
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