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The bt-LogAnalyzer Properties consist of five tabs:

  1. Storage and Customer Options

    The bt-LogAnalyzer program allows you to determine the location for report and category storage.Log Info Sources
  2. Log Info Sources

    The bt-LogAnalyzer program allows you to define the list of log information sources that will be used for report generation.
  3. Pseudo Categories

    Pseudo Categories are used to track information contained in Web Sites that is not directly related to the Web Site or information in a Web Site that may not be pertinent to you. For example, if you visit a hunting and fishing site and they have a banner ad for an assault rifle, the banner ad could be tracked in a pseudo category such as multimedia or banner ads. It will not appear as a visit in the Weapons Category. You can define a list of pseudo-categories for report generation and you can add, change or delete Pseudo-categories.
  4. E-Mail Options

    The bt-LogAnalyzer program E-Mail Options tab allows you to set up parameters to enable report e-mailing.
  5. Colors

    The Color tab allows you to define color settings used for report generation. For example: you may wish to select blue for all categories that are related to your business, green for all categories that are acceptable, yellow for categories that are nonproductive, red for categories that are unacceptable, and black for categories that are denied.

To display the bt-LogAnalyzer Properties Tab:

  1. From the bt-LogAnalyzer Console, select bt-LogAnalyzer
  2. Right-click to display the Shortcut menu and select Properties
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