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Adding a Page to a Category

Place the Category Name in brackets (i.e. [[Category]]) for a page to be assigned to that Category. For example, to make the Wiki page My Homemade Soup show up under a Category called Recipes add the following to the bottom of the Wiki Page: [[Category:Recipes]]

Adding a link to a Category

Use the following format to link to another Category in the Wiki Page:

[[:Category:SomeCategory]] shows as Category:SomeCategory

To Provide a different name to the link separate with a pipe (|) symbol:

[[:Category:SomeCategory|Custom Text Here]] shows as Custom Text Here

Internal Link

Use the [[link_here]] to link a page:

[[some_page]] appears as some_page

Piped Link

Use the Pipe (|) symbol to add different text to the link:

[[some_page|Different Text]] appears as Different Text

For more information on Links see MediaWiki Help:Links

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